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“Do extraterrestrials really exist?” “Are we not the only intelligent beings in the universe?” These are questions that are way older than most of us yet they are still left unanswered up to this day. Stargazers and scientists have dug deep into the possible existence of aliens since the past century, and they have found quite a number of unusual observations along the way.

As postulated by the Astrobiology Department of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), “while no clear signs of life have ever been detected, the possibility of extraterrestrial biology — the scientific logic that supports it…

Credits: Pixabay

As the 21st century is undebatably the era of global digitalization, YouTube channels are flooding in and are readily available for the entertainment needs of people, most especially the teenaged ones. Whether people wanted to see videos about luxury and fashion, educational documentaries, DIY crafts, or show business, there is quite an abundance of channels we can binge-watch on YouTube.

According to a study conducted by the West Virginia Education Association (WVEA), American teenagers (ages 13–19) spend a total of nine hours a day with digital technology as they stream videos on YouTube, listen to music, and play online games

A fashionable woman walking in a serene and uphill place.
A fashionable woman walking in a serene and uphill place.

The belief that a woman’s fashion style ceases at motherhood has become a total myth in this chic and elegant generation. Nowadays, moms have leveled-up their style and beauty secrets more than ever. Whether they’re spending the entire week at home or are working in the office, the need to dress up and get updated with the trending outfits have become a normal practice for them. From white sneakers and glittering killer heels up to turtleneck blouses and button-down formal dresses, these hot mommas never go out of style!

Considering the overall fashion need of 21st century moms, here are…

Irish Torres

Irish Torres is an internationally-published poet, editor, and web content writer. She had her first book published in Booksmango at the age of 17.

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