7 Skills-Based YouTube Channels Teens Must Watch

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As the 21st century is undebatably the era of global digitalization, YouTube channels are flooding in and are readily available for the entertainment needs of people, most especially the teenaged ones. Whether people wanted to see videos about luxury and fashion, educational documentaries, DIY crafts, or show business, there is quite an abundance of channels we can binge-watch on YouTube.

According to a study conducted by the West Virginia Education Association (WVEA), American teenagers (ages 13–19) spend a total of nine hours a day with digital technology as they stream videos on YouTube, listen to music, and play online games. Whilst it is a serious duty among parents to encourage their children to minimize that staggering amount of time spent on digital media, it is also equally important to educate them on what videos and channels they should and shouldn’t watch. Moreover, it is widely-significant for teenagers to patronize YouTube channels that generously provide not only entertainment but essential skills as well.

To make the most out of the perks of digital media, here are 7 skills-based YouTube channels teens can start watching.

7. Marty Music

Marty Music is a perfect avenue for teenagers who dream of becoming great guitarists and singers in the future. The person behind this YouTube channel, Marty Schwartz, has had a humble beginning prior to his huge success in the digital entertainment industry.

In an interview with Jeff Fleishman, Marty shared that he once worked as an elementary music teacher, but due to an economic crash in 2008, he got laid off. Persistent to provide a brighter future for his family despite the predicament he experienced, he confidently pulled his laptop and made a cover video of The Beatle’s Don’t Let Me Down. That courage paved the way for who he is and what he’s capable of right now. Whether you wanted to learn the guitar tricks of Bob Dylan’s timeless country music or Metallica’s hardcore rock songs, Marty has got your back.

He provides a detailed guitar tutorial on every song he gets to cover and his aura is just so entertaining — the kind that will really push people to explore the world of music. Luckily, music offers plenty of behavioral and cognitive benefits for teenagers. As postulated by Inner West Music College, music, most particularly rock and roll, allows teens to discover their identity as it revolutionizes youth culture, highlights language, expresses emotions and attitudes, and recreates fashion. If this suits you, then you can head over to Marty’s channel and start pursuing your love for music.

6.) Katie Jobling

Katie Jobling is a UK-based artist who focuses on documenting life through painting. On her website, Katie shared that she worked in an office for around seven years, doing what the company wanted her to do but not being able to fulfill her artistic journey. Since then, she made a brave move of making art as a business and creating unique pieces of art for people around the world to enjoy. Basically, she sells some of her wonderful paintings online and regularly uploads art tutorials on YouTube.

Katie’s YouTube channel is perfect for everyone who’s just beginning to discover their passion for art. She makes astounding masterpieces out of fundamental and easy steps and she has inspired a lot of teenagers to pursue their love for art. According to Polaris Teen Center, art serves as a healing agent that helps teens gain productive self-expression, self-control, confidence through progress, immediate sense of purpose, and a lifelong interest.

With her commendable ability to play with her brushes and mix-match different palettes, we’ll surely be compelled to either mimic her artwork or paint something on our own.

5.) Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino is a New York Times best-selling author, an award-winning YouTube personality, entrepreneur, and a renowned American baker. She is the creator and host of the most popular baking show on the internet, Nerdy Nummies. This segment features out-of-this-world baking and cooking techniques that would undoubtedly tap our imaginative side and empower us to bake our own cake as creatively as possible.

Rosanna is not only known for her baking prowess but for her healthy and clean lifestyle as well. Her fridge tour video has garnered more than 9M views as she featured all the healthy products she used for everyday cooking and her ways of organizing things in her pantry. Moreover, she’s always updated with every Tiktok food craze and she even does and recreates them perfectly.

Just like Rosanna, a lot of teens nowadays are in love with cooking. As posited by ReachOut.com, the good thing about teens helping out in the kitchen is that it allows them to have quality time with their family, practice healthy eating, and keep special recipes within the family and pass it down to their next kin. Isn’t that pretty awesome?

4.) Liziqi

Li Ziqi is a Chinese YouTube video blogger, entrepreneur, and a popular internet celebrity. She’s often regarded by urban millennials as that mysterious countryside lady who has redefined the term “from scratch.” Whether it’s about weaving a new dress, creating a sofa out of freshly-cut bamboo, or making one exquisite meal after the other, Ziqi never fails to impress.

In an exclusive interview with Goldthread, Ziqi shared that she once worked in the city for survival; however, she had to return to her province to take care of her ailing grandmom. Since then, she started filming her normal life in the countryside to provide relaxation to her avid viewers who have just probably arrived home from a tiring day of work. With her vast capacity in terms of traditional crafts, along with that tranquil flute music she plays in the background, her viewers are undoubtedly de-stressed.

Here are some of her most excellent crafts that brought the internet into great astonishment:

Given all the life skills and traditional ways of living that Ziqi has highlighted in her YouTube channel, she is undeniably one of this generation’s greatest influencers for the youth. According to the British Council Greece, life skill learning is widely-important for young people as it pushes them to develop their self-confidence and deal appropriately with significant changes and challenges that life has to offer. We may not be as versatile as Li Ziqi at the moment, but with perseverance and dedication, we’d certainly learn some of her amazing skills sooner or later.

3.) Clean & Delicious

Clean & Delicious is a sweet haven for everyone who intends to shift to a cleaner and more nutritious meal preparation at home. The founder and host of this channel, Dani Spies, is a mom, food blogger, and a holistic weight loss coach.

Spies received her certification as a Holistic Health Counselor (HHC) after graduating from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She also studied at The Institute for The Psychology of Eating and successfully accomplished her professional cooking series at The New School of Cooking in Culver City. Moreover, she is a certified weight loss coach and holds a B.A. in Psychology from William Paterson University. With her strong credentials in terms of diet and nutrition, along with her personal experience in weight loss management, she is the best person to guide us in our journey toward clean eating.

Clean & Delicious showcases healthy home cooking and clean dining to a high extent, and that is an excellent example among families. According to Mayo Clinic Health System, clean eating helps our body to absorb plenty of vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein, enhances heart and brain health, assists with weight loss management, strengthens the immune system, and boosts energy levels, among other benefits.

Whether it’s about baking nutritional cookies, making plenty of chia pudding variations, or finding the best ingredients for your organic chicken breast barbeque, this channel has always something great to offer. You may want to check out these basic eating guidelines drafted by Clean & Delicious for everyone’s advantage.

2.) Peter Dranitsin

If Katie Jobling is the heroine of aspiring artists, then Peter Dranitsin is the champion of those who have already established their deep passion for art. He is a full-time artist and graphic designer from Cleveland, Ohio. His paintings range from moderate to complex and usually focus on the subject of nature. In an interview with Arteza, Peter shared that almost all of his paintings came straight from his imagination with little to no advanced preparation at all.

Just like most successful painters, Peter has his own story to share. Growing up in a family full of professional artists, he was exposed to art and started drawing at a young age. However, as he grew up, he was never really serious about making art as his career. But everything changed when his wife requested him to paint something for their kid’s room. He felt delighted to embrace the world of painting back and he continued on that wondrous journey up to this day.

Peter regularly uploads painting tutorials on his YouTube channel and everything he does is so relaxing. His channel always hits two birds with one stone: he provides techniques on how to accomplish a top-tier painting and at the same time, the tranquility of his tutorials serves as an emotional therapy for most of his viewers. As stated by Verywellmind.com, art, either making it or watching others’ creative work, is used to help individuals uncover their emotions, establish self-awareness, overcome stress, improve self-esteem, and develop social skills.

1.) JunsKitchen

JunsKitchen is an awe-inspiring YouTube channel that features Japanese culture through posh home cooking, urban gardening, and great love toward animals. Jun Yoshizuki, the man behind this YT channel with a huge following of 5.07M, speaks fluent English in his video blogs all while highlighting his simple yet excellent lifestyle in Japan. With his meticulous editing skills, along with his silky voice and amazing culinary capability, one can definitely say that JunsKitchen is the new revolution!

One Reddit user wrote, “As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, Rachel and Jun’s videos have become a form of meditation for me. A calming 10 min. amidst the chaos inside my head. If you ever are feeling overwhelmed I highly recommend shutting down your brain for a few min. and watching some of their videos.” Jun has 3 other YT channels, including the one that he shares with his wife, Rachel. And of course, their well-loved cats are the stars of the show as usual.

As you watch Jun’s videos, you can clearly see a shadow of two or more cultures packed into one cooking episode. He has a strong Western influence and he perfectly combines that with the Japanese way of living. And who wouldn’t be amazed by someone who cooks sushi and zosui (Japanese rice soup) for his cats and walks them to the country town almost everyday?

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