Moms on Fire | Must-Have Wardrobe Staples Every Mom Should Have

A fashionable woman walking in a serene and uphill place.

The belief that a woman’s fashion style ceases at motherhood has become a total myth in this chic and elegant generation. Nowadays, moms have leveled-up their style and beauty secrets more than ever. Whether they’re spending the entire week at home or are working in the office, the need to dress up and get updated with the trending outfits have become a normal practice for them. From white sneakers and glittering killer heels up to turtleneck blouses and button-down formal dresses, these hot mommas never go out of style!

Considering the overall fashion need of 21st century moms, here are at least 5 wardrobe essentials they should have in their closets:

  • White Button-Up Coat
A woman wearing a white button-up coat and carrying a plant vase on her left hand
A woman wearing a white button-up coat and carrying a plant vase on her left hand

This goes on top of the list as this is the most versatile outfit any mom could have. A white button-up coat is so suitable to be worn at work. Just tuck it in with a black pencil skirt, do a little fold on the wrist area, and pair it with black, pointed heels and you’re ready to look like a lady boss. If you’re at home, just comfortably wear it with a black jockey and you’ll have a perfect slumber outfit.

The best thing about wearing button-up coats is that it makes breastfeeding so easy. Contrary to a normal tee where you need to flip it upwards before you can perform breastfeeding, you just need to open 2–3 buttons down and your little darling could already feed. Button-up coats are usually light and soft, hence adding comfort to every mom wearing it.

  • Black Pencil Skirt
Two women wearing sleeveless tops and black pencil skirt
Two women wearing sleeveless tops and black pencil skirt

A black pencil skirt is every working mom’s bestfriend. Whether you pair it with a tucked-in plain shirt, a ruffled blouse, or a ¾ sleeve, you’ll always gain that formal aura while delivering office work or doing a business presentation. What’s good about a black pencil skirt is that it goes well with any other top; whether you opt for a white sleeve or a dark-colored tee, it remains a perfect work getup. What’s more, you can pair it with either flat shoes or pointed heels. There are even moms who wear it with a plain white shirt and white sneakers. That’s basically not weird. Women define their own fashion, right?

  • Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are perfect for moms who love going out for whatever reasons — — catching up with friends, dining with the whole family, grocery shopping, and many others. This type of boots is compatible with plenty of attires that might suit your event for a certain day. If you’re just strolling at the mall or going to the theater to watch the latest movie, you can wear your ankle boots along with a crewneck sweatshirt and a tight mini skirt. On one hand, you can pair it with your midi dress for formal occasions. Just a little tip: always choose black or brown color for your boots. By doing so, your boots will match well with any other dress colors you may want to wear, and that is one load taken off from your back.

Additionally, these boots are most compatible with tight denim jeans. Whenever you want to attend a coachella party, for instance, you can just simply wear a slim-fit white shirt, denim jeans, ankle boots, plus an Aztec-style cardigan and you’re ready for a great experience. And oh, don’t forget about the hat!

  • Candy Pants
Black candy pants for women
Black candy pants for women

For moms who are not comfortable exposing their legs and still want to wear something formal at work, candy pants are the answer. What’s so great about this lower apparel is that it is very light and comfortable to wear, with little to no chance of causing any wardrobe malfunction at work. Due to postpartum cases, some women have had excessive weight gain after giving birth, hence making it difficult for them to wear those old slacks and skirts again. Fortunately, candy pants are stretchable, so there’s no need to worry if you get a little bit chunkier than before.

Candy pants are popular for being an all-around lower garment. If you want to look casual, you can simply wear it with a v-neck tee shirt and pair it with either flat or mid-high sandals. If you like to look more formal, wear it with long-sleeves and a pair of black, pointed shoes. Some women are too stylish to wear it with an off-shoulder blouse and flat shoes or sandals. And just like pencil skirts, candy pants are greatly compatible with sneakers. Isn’t that cool?

  • Scarf
A green-haired woman wearing a fashionable neck scarf and sunglasses
A green-haired woman wearing a fashionable neck scarf and sunglasses

A scarf is like a magic wand for fashionable moms — — it helps transform a simple getup into an extra wonderful one. Scarf fashion has been adopted by numerous women across the world for quite a long time already, yet it never gets old. There are actually plenty of ways on how to tie your scarf for different dresses and with different occasions.

Wanted to travel during winter? Spice up your fashion by adding in a plain winter scarf tied in a slouchy turtleneck style. If you’re wearing a spaghetti-strapped dress, you can simply drape the scarf around your shoulders and let it hang down on each side in front. That’s pretty simple yet classic.

If you’re attending a formal event, like a business travel or convention, you can incorporate the French twist style or rolled loop in wearing your scarf around your neck. Just make sure your scarf goes “matchy-matchy” with the shade of your outfit. You can go with a monochromatic style or whatever color combo that you find fitting and appropriate.

Those are the 5 wardrobe essentials each mom should have. No matter how you carry your fashion on, it’s always important to note that character and confidence are still the best assets any woman should wear.

Irish Torres is an internationally-published poet, editor, and web content writer. She had her first book published in Booksmango at the age of 17.